Types of Undercover vehicle conversions

Types of Undercover vehicle conversions



When placing in lighting and siren options for undercover vehicles you have to be understated with your graphics. Undercover Law Enforcement Vehicles come in all sorts of makes and models

Surveillance Vehicles

Undercover vehicles are often referred to as Surveillance Vehicles and often are used for the same purpose which is to gather data on a target. The options that er available for this type of vehicle are vast but we can break them down for you. There are thngs to consider like Vehicle Type, Vehicle Persona and the equipment that you will be using to gather and collect data.

Undercover Vans

Deciding to have an Van converted into an undercover vehicle starts with the persona or decoy in which you are looking for. Do you want to have just a plan van that looks old and inconspicuous in the target setting or do you want a tradesman vehicle like a plummer or heating specialists which could be a van or utility vehicle. Either way they choice is dependent upon your target. If you are looking to get into a van conversions you need to decide some things.

Tradesman Undercover Van

In this scenario you can be a Plumber or Heating Specialits on the outside but inside you have many options that can allow you to collect data on your target.

Undercover SUVs

Undercover vehicles have been in use for many decades and today the options to law enforcement are huge with regards to Undercover Vehicles.

Undercover Utility Vehicles

Undercover Sedans


Surveillance Systems
Mobile Systems
Intelligent Camera
Network Recording

Surveillance Components
Video Cameras
Low Light Cameras
Video Surveillance Cameras