Law Enforcement SUV Conversions

Law Enforcement SUV Conversions

Police Interceptor Conversions

Police Interceptor Conversions

Law Enforcement uses SUVs ( Specialty Utility Vehicles) and Sedans for patrolling and policing. The SUV can be used in almost any situation: Undercover, Patrol, Community Patrol, Highway Patrol, Tactical and Strike force and everything in between. When getting a conversion for an SUV there are some basic things to take into consideration.  Your law enforcement SUV conversion should be able to fit multiple roles in your department if necessary.

What is your Mission?

Once you figure out what is your mission for your law enforcement SUV conversions is, you can figure what upfitting you will need for your vehicle.  Different missions can be command law enforcement SUV conversions, K-9 law enforcement SUV conversions, patrol law enforcement suv conversions, or bomb response law enforcement suv conversions just to name a few.

What types of Lights are you going to need?

If you have a budget figured out for this vehicle, you can figure out what types of lights are you going to need?  If this vehicle is an undercover emergency response vehicle you will not want a light bar on the top of this law enforcement suv conversions.

What Type of Sirens will you be using?

On your law enforcement suv conversions you can use three different types of sirens.  There is the mechanical electric powered siren, the electric siren, and the low frequency sound howler rumbler siren.  What type of siren will you be using is based on the mission of the vehicle.


What type of cabinet system will you need?

Once you have the mission, lights and siren figured out for your law enforcement suv conversions you will be able to decide on what type of cabinet system will you need.


Law Enforcement Front ConsoleFront Console

The front console will need to be able to hold your mobile radios, siren and light controller of your law enforcement suv conversions.  you will also need to decide if you need an MDT computer laptop, portable radio chargers, hand light flash lights, and rifles and shotguns.


Command Cabinet

If you will have to organize your equipment in the back of your law enforcement suv conversions you will need a command cabinet.  This command cabinet can hold your mission critical equipment as well as your weapons.


Law Enforcement Weapon LockerWeapons Locker

A weapons locker can be used in the back of your vehicle to lock and secure your rifles, shot guns, automatic weapons and spare ammunition.  You would be able to store your other equipment bags on top of the weapons locker in the back of your law enforcement suv conversions.  These would work well for SWAT specialty vehicles, K-9 response vehicles, as well as patrol vehicles that need a place to properly secure specialty weapons out of site of the public but still readily available.


Other considerations for your Law Enforcement SUV Conversions

Once you have these features figured out on your law enforcement suv conversions, you are able to decide on graphics and other options that you can add to your vehicle.  Some of these options are an auto eject battery charger and maintainer, ignition over-ride to remove the key from the vehicle while leaving the vehicle secure and still running, and graphics for the outside of the vehicle.