Emergency Vehicle Conversions

Emergency Vehicles Lights & Sirens

Here is an Example of Emergency Vehicles Lights & Sirens. These are just examples to demonstrate the usefulness of this emergency siren system in allowing Emergency Vehicles to navigate through congested traffic.

Battalion Chief Vehicles

What is a battalion chief vehicle?  I just the question would be what is a Battalion Leader?  According to Wikipedia The title of battalion chief is usually synonymous with firefighting but in many ways, they are the leader. A battalion chief is usually under the command of a division, deputy, or assistant chief, who in turn reports to a chief of department, chief engineer, or a fire commissioner.

Emergency Vehicle Conversions

Fire chief vehicles and incident command vehicles arrive at the wild fire or home fire and they are used for incident command and control.  They use SoundOff signal or Fenix lights and SoundOff signal controller.

Emergency Vehicle cabinets systems and command boards with radio faceplates and communications equipment.



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