Emergency Vehicle Siren Systems

Emergency Vehicle Siren Systems

There are many types of Emergency Siren Systems for vehicles from all different manufacturers. There are sirens for Police, Fire and Law Enforcement and these systems can have Console Mounts.
These can be broken up into categories like Siren Type, Market and the different types of emergency vehicle siren systems.

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Siren Types

There are many siren types in emergency vehicle siren systems.  These emergncy response vehicle siren types can be summarized in the list below

  • * Emergency Vehicle Siren systems
  • * Electronic Air Horns
  • * Mechanical Air Horns
  • * Switch Box
  • * Siren Speakers
  • * Siren Accessories

Emergency Siren Markets

There are emergency siren markets for the emergency vehicle siren systems.

    • * Police & Law Enforcement
    • * Ambulance & Emergency Medical
    • * Fire / Rescue
    • * Volunteer

Discovering Sirens by Type

When you are considering your options for your emergency vehicle siren systems, you will be discovering sirens by type.  Depending on the host vehicle you will be upfitting for your emergency vehicle conversion, will depend on what siren controller you will be able to fit.

  • * Console – a console mounted siren controller will need to be mounted into the center console of the vehicle or on/under the dash of the vehicle.
  • * Remote – a remote head siren controller will need the chassis of the siren mounted either in the console, under a seat, or in the trunk of the vehicle.  A remote siren controller can then be surface mounted on the console, dash, or ceiling of the vehicle.
  • * Hand Held – a hand held controller will need a chassis mounted in a console, under a seat, or in the trunk of a specialty vehicle.  The hand held controller can then be mounted in or on a console, on the dash, in the glove box, or tucked in a pocket somewhere convenient.

Siren Manufacturers

There are many options of siren manufacturers for your emergency vehicle siren systems.

Code 3

Code3 public safety equipment sells a line of sirens including the Banshee, sprinter siren, xcel siren, z3 siren, RLS remote lighted siren, h2 covert, microcom 2, v-con, mastercom b, undercover siren, remote compact siren, and scorpion emergency vehicle siren systems.

Federal Signal

Federal Signal manufactures the Smartsiren platinum. e-q2b siren. q-siren. rumbler. pa300 series. pa300r remote siren. pa640. 650 series remote siren, touchmaster, omega, 80k, and pa4000 series emergency vehicle siren systems.

Carson – Emergency Vehicle Sirens

Carson manufacturing has the SA-361 defend siren, SA-365 defend siren, SA-385 alert siren, SA-400 classic siren, SA-430 Patriot Siren, SA-441 Magforce siren, SA-500 cruiser siren, and the SA-400M classic mechanical siren emergency vehicle siren systems.

SoundOff Signal

SoundOff Signal productes the nERGY 400 series siren, nERGY 400 Series handheld siren, 200 Series Compact siren, and INTELLIswitch 993 siren emergency vehicle siren systems.

Whelen Industries

Whelen Industries manufactures the Howler low frequency tone siren, CanTrol, CenCom, 295SSA, Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, HHS series, Gamma Siren series and Power air horn series emergency vehicle siren systems.

Other emergency vehicle siren systems

There are also other emergency vehicle siren systems manufactures but you will have to evaluate their reputation and performance to make sure that they are durable enough for your emergency response conversion vehicle.