Command Cabinet Systems

Command Cabinet Systems

Command cabinet systems can fit in multiple types of emergency response vehicles for many different missions.  The custom conversion response vehicle that these command cabinet systems are used in can range from police, fire, medical, and military.  These custom command cabinets can be used for carrying command boards, accountability boards, hand tools, extrication tools, weapons, flashlights, gas meters, TIC thermal imaging camera, as well as other emergency responder equipment.

SCBA Brackets for Command Cabinets

command cabinets radio-face plates full width

command cabinets radio-face plates full width

Command cabinets can be used for carrying SCBA bottles in holding mounts.  These SCBA brackets for command cabinets can hold a variety of different sized air bottles.  The SCBA bracket can be facing the rear of the vehicle so that when the hatch is open, there is access to turn out gear and an SCBA.  Another location for the SCBA bracket is behind the back seat area for storage when the SCBA is needed, but not in a priority location.

Types of Command Boards

There are different types of command boards for different budgets and needs for your command cabinet systems.  They can pull out flat, pull out and ratchet up, pull out and lift up or out, or have a digital command board.  Each of these analog command boards may have a clear piece of plexi glass to place maps or preplans under so that you can write and erase your incident.  The digital command board is a computer that can have programs and databases for your incident needs. Each of these types of command boards has its own pros and cons.

Standard / Flat Command Board

The standard flat command board is the go to basic tool for incident commanders.  This cabinet drawer will either have latches or a piston to hold it in storage. Then once it is pulled out it will stay in place by manual latches or a piston.

Ratchet / Tilt Command Boards

Ratchet / tilt command boards in your command cabinet systems is the next level in command boards.  This is a combination of the standard flat command board with the addition of being able to lift the command board into an easel position so that other people standing around the command station can see.

Piston Command Boards

Piston command boards are an upgrade from ratchet / tilt command boards.

Lighting for Command Boards

To light up your command board, you can have an overhead light on the rear hatch, a map light or lights on the command cabinet, or a strip light mounted on the top edge of the command board to illuminate your incident command work.  With this lighting for command boards, you can have a more efficient command station during night time operations.

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