Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Emergency Vehicle Lighting is used on Law Enforcement Vehicles, Police Cars, Patrol Cars, Ambulances, Paramedic and Emergency Medical Vehicles along with many other types of Emergency Vehicles. The Types of Lighting Systems that are placed on these vehicles depend on:

  1. The Mission
    1. Fire Department – A most fire department vehicles will need to follow the NFPA National Fire Protection Association codes and standards for the amount of emergency vehicle lighting placement and amount.
      1. Fire Engine – A fire engine is used to respond to a fire call or other emergency.  This vehicle will have some tank water, a pump, hose and other emergency response equipment.
      2. Fire Truck – a fire truck will have fire fighter equipment and tools as well as a large variety of long ladders.
      3. Tender – a fire tender is a fire apparatus with over 1000 gallons of water that is used to supply other fire engines with water.  These are also called fire tankers, but that term can be confused with forest fire planes that drop water on forest fires.
      4. HAZMAT – a hazmat truck is a vehicle that responds to chemical spills to stop or contain them.
      5. Rescue – a rescue truck is a catch all vehicle that can be used for a variety of emergency responses.  It can respond to vehicle crashes, fires, entrapments, extrications, hazmat calls as well as all other types of fire department calls.
    2. Police Department – police department vehicles need different emergency vehicle lighting depending on the mission of the vehicle.
      1. Patrol – patrol vehicles will have light bars with take down and alley lights or interior light bars to be more stealth.
      2. SWAT
      3. DARE
      4. Prisoner Transport
    3. Medical
      1. Fly car
      2. Ambulance
      3. Helicopter
  2. The Emergency Vehicle Type – There are many standard vehicle types that can be converted and upfitted to an emergency response vehicle.  These vehicles will then have electronics, tools, hardware, and emergency vehicle lighting added to it for the conversion.
    1. Sedan
    2. SUV
    3. Pickup
    4. Motorcycle
    5. Van
    6. Bus
    7. Truck

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